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The aim of the Workforce Development Theme is to develop a health workforce policy for NTT.

The three main areas of focus include:

  • Developing policy to encourage a more equal distribution of the health workforce in health service facilitates and institutions
  • Developing better data collection systems at health facilities and institutions such as puskesmas and District Health Offices
  • Reviewing the workload of the workforce at health facilities, e.g. reducing the workload of staff such as midwives so that they can concentrate more on MNH services.

Finally, this theme relates to the decision-making process of health managers and regional heads on how to properly allocate human resources based on competencies, equal distribution of the workforce, shifting tasks, etc. The theme is still in the design phase, to be finalized in 2012. 

AIPMNH is managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government

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