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AIPMNH believes that management of resources according to defined standards is a critical component of good governance – and essential to improving accountability to local communities and strengthening NTT’s health system.

Under its Public Finance Management Theme, AIPMNH aims to create a more competitive environment through its work with government partners in Procurement. The Partnership supports procurement training workshops in select districts, involving hundreds of provincial and district participants. The Program also works directly with the Treasurers at health centres, who are responsible for managing operational funds and health insurance for the poor. This capacity building translates into a growing cadre of trained health staff throughout NTT with a higher level of technical expertise, knowledge of current regulations and a more transparent procurement system overall. 

In addition, the Program provides training in electronic-procurement (E-procurement) to staff from NTT’s E-procurement Services Department, LPSE, in the Provincial Secretariat for Development Administration, which reports to the Governor’s Office. E-procurement, which automates the submission of bids, is the GoI's new approach to Procurement to help combat corruption and implement good governance. Four of the 20 staff trained in E-procurement have passed the National Procurement Examination and been certified as Procurement Officers.

AIPMNH also supports District Health Offices to create their own websites with functioning E-procurement systems. In fact, the LPSE website ( has been using E-procurement specifically for the health sector since early 2011. AIPMNH also has its own E-procurement website to set an example of using an electronic tendering system to create more transparent procurement of goods and services.

AIPMNH, along with Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD) Program, will continue to support NTT as it strives towards province-wide implementation of E-procurement in 2012. 

The Public Finance Management Team follows the Australian Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (CPG) and GoI guidelines. When fiduciary risk assessments of provincial and district government agencies have proven to consistently implement satisfactory procurement procedures, AIPMNH will progressively facilitate government partner agency management of procurement.

AIPMNH is managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government

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