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Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems are central to effective management and delivery of services, particularly in resource poor environments. The Indonesian health sector has a well-defined M&E architecture, extending from village level integrated service posts (posyandu) through to national medium term development plans (RPJMN). 

However, the completeness, reliability and accuracy of the data are modest. Similarly, service providers and managers at all levels have limited capacity to effectively use the data for planning, decision-making and service delivery. 

The Partnership M&E Strategy addresses several core elements of the M&E system, in particular:

  • Reporting and recording of community health status and services provided
  • Compilation, analysis and use of the information for planning and management of health services

The Program currently provides financial and technical assistance towards strengthening SIKDA, the District Health Information System, including data quality and management. Using the Provincial Health Office’s coverage statistics, in 2011, the AIPMNH M&E Team made district-level comparisons between AIPMNH and non-AIPMNH districts. The difference in maternal and infant mortality in AIPMNH-supported districts versus those without is compelling.





AIPMNH is managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government

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