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The AIPMNH Communications Team is working with its government partners to raise awareness and encourage behaviours that can help save the lives of mothers and babies in NTT. With the Health Promotion Departments (PROMKES) and other agencies at the provincial and district levels, AIPMNH is using diverse, innovative media and communications techniques to reach rural populations throughout this island province.

Raising awareness on maternal and neonatal health 

AIPMNH focuses on communicating with rural populations in NTT, where classic health promotion approaches may not be enough. The main aim of the AIPMNH Communications Theme is to deliver consistent messages on maternal and neonatal health (MNH) through a variety of channels to reach diverse audiences with a stake in MNH. 

Naturally, pregnant women and mothers are the key target audiences for these messages, but in the rich, traditional cultures of NTT, it is also necessary to reach those who influence these women – midwives, traditional birth attendants, husbands, in-laws and others in the health system and the community. 

Whether through radios shows hosted by midwives, community drama or mobile phone campaigns on maternal and neonatal health (MNH) in Indonesia, AIPMNH is making communities in NTT aware of the risks of pregnancy and the rewards of better care for themselves and their newborns.

The Messages

NTT is a land rich in languages, customs and cultures. With this comes just as diverse a range of traditional beliefs. AIPMNH’s goal is to send a consistent but tailored set of messages about MNH to communities. 

Some of our key messages relate to:

  • Delivering in an adequate health facility with trained health staff 
  • Danger signs during pregnancy
  • Exclusive breastfeeding for the 6 months of a baby’s life
  • Pregnant women’s health insurance rights – especially health insurance for the poor
  • Birth planning and preparedness
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and for newborns

Targeting NTT's Unique Population

Women can’t access better services if they don’t know about them.  A snapshot of AIPMNH’S communications activities in the province and districts of NTT: 

  • Local radio shows in rural areas inviting communities to call in and ask questions about MNH
  • Image based health promotion materials geared towards rural populations with a low level of literacy 
  • Advocacy training for increased budget allocation for MNH at the provincial and district levels
  • An SMS campaign sending messages throughout a woman’s pregnancy





AIPMNH is managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government

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